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Balloon Sculpture Entertainment By
Jim Burkardt



Hi, Jim here, and welcome to my  website. While I entertain with balloons sculptures at a lot of birthday parties, I  also specialize in ( deep  breath )  corporate  events, picnics, weddings, schools events, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, store grand openings, church events, fairs, hospitals - well, you get the idea, I've  taken part in pretty much any kind of party or event that you can think of. And while a lot of the balloon sculpting I do is on the Main Line, I also travel to all of the towns in Delaware , Chester and Montgomery Counties.  I'd be happy to discuss your party or event with you. Just scroll down to Contact Jim and  send a message my way or give me at call at 610-971-8188 and I'll get back to you promptly.



Here are some of  the most commonly asked questions that come up during my initial  conversation with clients:


"So, what else do you do at a party besides balloons? Do you just make balloons?"

Occasionally when customers call me their initial  concern is that I'll, well,  "just be making balloons." While I had considered having a structured  show, I found that having a more improvisational approach to being  entertaining  and funny while I'm interacting with and entertaining the kids - and adults - works well. And while I do keep everyone entertained, I  really focus in on each child that I'm making a balloon for. Its their special moment, and its the perfect time for family and friends to take some really memorable photos.

"Okay, that that sounds good, but can you really keep everyone's attention for the whole length of the party ( or festival, fair,  school event, etc ) ?"

I sure can. From a birthday party with ten kids to a festival with a hundred or more people, I'm creating balloons nonstop, and while I make plenty of cute balloons like butterflies, flowers, and teddy bears, I also make a lot of balloons kids can actually play with - bow and arrows that shoot, light sabers, football helmets, medieval swords and shields. I've been at parties where some of  the older kids are standing back, with this "I'm not going to get a balloon" look on their faces. As soon as they see the younger kids shooting their bow and arrows, with the spiraled arrows spinning through the air, they look at each other, nod their heads, and jump in line for a balloon.

"That sounds good too. Okay, do you come dressed up in some kind of costume?"

I've found that that what has worked well is being funny, rather than wearing a funny costume. And  while taking on the role of a character or having a special persona can work, I'm more comfortable - and I think a lot of the kids are too - being myself - funny, and  kind of silly with the kids, and  someone they can figure out right away  - "Hey, its the balloon guy - whats your name? Jim? Hey! Jim is going to make us balloons!"

"Okay, it all sounds great. One more question - I've been thinking that I may also like to have a face painter. Is that something that you offer too?"

Sure, and you can contact me and I can provide you with information about having, along with me, a face painter at your party or event.



I was so nervous for my son's first birthday party -
By Jill E. on March 12, 2018
Lafayette Hills, PA
We had 20+ children coming ranging in age from 1 - 11 years old. As soon as Jim arrived my stress about keeping the kids entertained disappeared. He was absolutely fabulous. He really engaged all the children, got to know their names, and created these amazing balloon sculptures! The line of kids for Jim never ended and he tirelessly made balloon after balloon, even making some balloons for some of the adults. I would highly recommend his services for anyone looking for a professional who clearly loves putting a smile on kid's faces.
Great Job!
By Kelly D. on November 14, 2016
Ardmore, PA

Jim was on time, professional  and so kind and patient with the kids! His creations were amazing. All of my friends and family remarked how great he was! Highly recommended!

Great Job!
By Kelly D. on November 14, 2016
Ardmore, PA

Jim was on time, professional  and so kind and patient with the kids! His creations were amazing. All of my friends and family remarked how great he was! Highly recommended!

I hired Jim for a commercial shoot that
was shooting in the Philadelphia area.
By Jon C. on March 3, 2018
Philadelphia, PA
He needed to make some over the top
balloon sculptures and the crew couldn't
have been happier with his work. Jim
was a pleasure to work with and he
couldn't have been more helpful and
excited to be part of the shoot.
And of course, his balloons were amazing!
Thanks again Jim!!!
By Jamie M. on January 23, 2016
Jenkintown, PA
This guy came to Jenkintown after a major snowstorm that dumped 20+ inches of snow on the ground to make my daughter's 6th birthday party even more Awesome! Hows that for dependability, arrived  on time and got to work making balloons for all of the children. Each kid left holding  at last 3 balloons each. They had swords,butterflies, bow and arrows, penquins, etc. Experienced, dependable and friendly. I will definitely recommend and will be booking Balloons by Jim for my next event.
Jim was amazing with the kids!
By Michelle F. on May 3, 2016
Morrisville, PA


He was entertaining while the kids waited in line. He was extremely patient and did not stop for the entire party.

By Elsie R. on November 15, 2016
Bryn Mawr, PA

Such a kind soul was really a wonderful addition to our Festival and we hope he can come back next year!!

I would highly recommend Balloons By Jim!
By Andrea K. on September 28, 2015
Garnet Valley, PA

He was honest, very professional  and very dependable! He was timely and the kids LOVED him! He wasn't overdone. No weird costume to scare the little kids. He has a great personality and was very kind to the kids. And VERY talented! Even the adults were making comments on what he could do. We had kids from age 2 to 15 and everyone was asking for balloons and enjoying them. We would definitely use him again!!

Jim did a fantastic job at our Spring Fair!
By Beth W. on April 17, 2016
Downingtown, PA


He interacted with the kids while they were waiting in line and his balloon sculptures were amazing! He was definitely the hit of our event. I would highly recommend him.

Jim Was Amazing!
By Lindsey P. on October 16, 2017
Media, PA

He was great with all of the children and made our daughter's 1st birthday party a huge success!



People Want To Know

The question that comes up on a pretty regular basis is  this -  "So Jim, how - and why - did you become interested in balloon sculpture anyway?"

Well, here's the long answer -

I've always been drawn to creative stuff. As a kid  I'd put on plays in our back yard . ( I think they were all about pirates and buried treasure. ) My brothers, sisters and I would borrow a bunch of lawn chairs from our neighbors, who would then promise to show up for our Treasure  Island  inspired plays.

Later on in high school one of my friends and  I got our hands on an old movie camera and  taught ourselves

how to do clay animation. Once again we'd be spreading the word, gathering together our audience of family and friends for our living room movie theater, where we'd  rearrange the chairs and couches in front of the movie screen, and on a good night, find ourselves needing to grab extra chairs from the dining room and kitchen.

Further down the road while I was working in human services in Philadelphia, I came across a book on balloon sculpture. As soon as I figured out how to make a few basic balloon animals, I began giving them to my clients as little gifts. It wasn't long before the word spread, and my  co-workers, their  clients and various doctors would be knocking on my office door -

"Hey Jim, could you make me that teddy bear holding the heart?  Hey, that's nice, uh, could you write "I'll love you forever Tanya" on the heart? Thanks! Oh, and could you make me  a -"

And this kind of stuff didn't just happen at work. I was on the R5 train heading  from Wayne to Paoli to visit my family and friends and this young boy - probably around five years old - began to cry. Well, it was more than just crying really, it was a combination of crying, yelling and high pitched screaming that grew in volume, getting louder and louder and louder. I hadn't known that a human being of any size could produce such alarming volume. I looked around the train car - people were taking off their reading glasses and clutching them protectively, fearing the dire consequences of  exploding lenses.

The boy's face was getting redder and redder, and that too was quite alarming. His parents, who had been speaking to their son in soothing, reassuring voices,  their voices had become, well, agitated, as the situation showed no signs of improving.

Then I remembered.

I was on my was to visit my nieces and nephews, so I had my balloons. I had my balloons! I dug into my backpack, pulled my balloons out, and began making a monkey  in a palm tree. The boy looked over and the volume of his verbal distress seemed to soften. All eyes were now on the scene playing out and somewhere in the train car I could hear the soft but urgent voice of someone's pleading prayer for deliverance.

Heart hammering, fingers flying

over my creation, I finished the sculpture and stretched my arm out across the aisle, bringing it within arm's reach of the boy. Would he take the balloon? There was a dramatic pause, and the boy reached out and took the balloon, and silence descended upon the train car. The crying, or whatever you want to call it, had stopped. Blessed silence, and the whole train car burst into a thunderous applause. Slowing down, the train rolled into the Paoli station. I nodded to the boy and his parents, and hopped off of the train.


Contact Jim

Thank you for visiting my website. Let me know if you have any additional questions. I look forward to being part of your upcoming event!  


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